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    I did it. I found the ultimate tumblr bookstore.

    why was green eggs and ham banned??

    THAT  is a really good question

    it was banned in china from 65-91 for its portrayal of early marxism 

    Awesome bookstore!!

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    What a cat wants. #ReadersDigest

    What a cat wants. #ReadersDigest

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    Olaf # felt #NadasCardStudio

    Olaf # felt #NadasCardStudio

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    There is something special about Pizza Hut’s Pepsi. Don’t you agree?

    There is something special about Pizza Hut’s Pepsi. Don’t you agree?

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    # mickey # Disney # purpleheart #felt

    # mickey # Disney # purpleheart #felt

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    Felt minion I made. Like it?

    Felt minion I made. Like it?

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    Awesome ambiance! (at La Atrium Charcoal Grill)

    Awesome ambiance! (at La Atrium Charcoal Grill)

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    I got my OB goodies!!! Thank you do much BBA America! I love love love everything!!!!

    How do I get all this?! O.o

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    Critics’ Choice Awards winner
    Golden Globe nominee
    Tatiana Maslany

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    Goodies from KSA!

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    Anonymous asked: I love your art work so much :3 I was just wondering, how do you pick your colors? they are just so beautiful and unique and UGH i cant do colors and it pains me


    its about time i try to explain this as the obviously unprofessional i am. 

    i just pick colors depending on my mood, there are colors that look colder and warmer, so i take advantage of that 

    do you feel the colors. you gotta feel them. 

    then it’s time to pick the best colors for your piece, aka AVOID THESE IF YOU CAN. 

    sometimes they work tho, but why pick those when you can pick these

    they give you cuter colors and better color palettes.

    remember to feel how warm or cold or neutral you want anything to look. 

    that’s better looking than the MS Paint default palette. after some time you will be able to choose nice colors, give it a try. (you can also make a new layer with a solid color and set it to Overlay and it should help). 

    then the shading comes in, you’ll eventually realize some colors look better with others. BUT PLEASE PLEASE AVOID SHADING WITH BLACK/GREYS OR MAKING LIGHTS WITH WHITE.

    ew that looks so simple, why do that when yOU COULD BE SHADING WITH COLORS TOO??? 

    yeah that looks more lively. 

    i really like colors and that’s why i experiment with them a lot so to fully understand them you could either learn on your own by trying (like me) or you could take color classes, which is good too because they will teach you about other important stuff like this 

    but basically its just 

    don’t take me too seriously because i just fool around with colors hnnn. u3u 

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    Even broken things can still be beautiful. [via]

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    inspired by x, x

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    HEYOOO, IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME! (This is going to be so embarrassing in case nobody cares about it…)


    Okay, so I’ve been thinking about doing one of these for quite a while now and hitting that milestone (which I never thought would happen, I still can’t believe that so many of you chose to follow me omg) seemed like the perfect occasion, so here you go:

    What you can win:

    SWEETS (mostly)! I tried my best to gather together different kind of sweets that are more or less “typically German” and therefore aren’t all that common outside of Germany. I’m going to cry if the winner turns out to be German ahaha. You probably want some more details, I know, I know. The giveaway includes:

    • "Kinder" Friends
    • "Kinder" Chocolate bonbons and chocolate bars
    • "Kinder" Surprise eggs (I’ve been informed that they are still illegal in some countries, if the winner turns out to live in one of those pitiful areas I’ll replace the Surprise eggs with something else)
    • "Haribo" Smurfs (wine gum)
    • "Hitschler" Kids mix
    • "Chupa Chups" Crazy dip lollipop
    • "Storck" Toffifee pralines
    • "Halloren" Double Chocolate pralines
    • "Lübecker Marzipan" pralines
    • "Yogurette" Chocolate bars
    • "Ritter Sport" Chocolate squares
    • "Manner" Wafers
    • "Ferrero" Raffaelo pralines
    • "Ferrero" Kisses pralines
    • "Milka" Chocolate bar (filled with chocolate beans)
    • "Prinzen Rolle" Sandwich cookies

    Aaand EITHER the dinosaur or the robot chocolate moulds because they are cute as hell (both are brand new and come in their original wrapping, I just took them out for the pictures so you could see them better). I’d love to send you both of them but I have to stay below the two kilograms mark, otherwise the shipping costs would be hella increased and I can’t afford that, please don’t be mad. ;~;

    I’ll also include a hand-written letter but wow, as if anyone cares, haha.

    The rules:

    • You have to be following this blog (seriously, I’m trying to build an army ok), after all this is an appreciation to my followers. ♡
    • Reblog as much as you want, but try not to spam your followers.
    • Likes don’t count, but feel free to use them to bookmark this.
    • The giveaway ends on the 1st April (it’s not an April fool I swear, I hate April fools).

      • If the winner doesn’t respond within 48 hours I’ll choose another one. I think that’s more than enough time since most of us don’t seem to have a life anyway.
      • The winner has to be comfortable with giving me his/her address, how else am I supposed to send out the package?

    What else do we have to know?

    • Following my main blog will give you 45673 extra entries. (Nah, just kidding, of course it would be appreciated but it doesn’t affect the giveaway at all, haha.)
    • The winner will be chosen by a random generator.
    • I ship worldwide. (Unless you live in fucking Narnia.)
    • Giveaway blogs don’t count.
    • Yes, you can reblog this to a secondary blog as long as you note with which blog you’re following me. Just write down a quick “this is just a sideblog, I’m following you with my main blog [insert URL here]” or something like that and it’ll be fine.

    If you have any questions, feel free to message me!

    OMG OMG OMG!!! This is the best giveaway post I’ve ever seen on Tumblr. I hope I win! [I’m not from Germany.. pick me! hehe]

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